Vegan, Iron-wealthy Superfood Prune Ballscomponents:1 cup sunflower seedshalf cup pepitas1 cup prunes, pitted1/four cup dried cranberries/raisins (i take advantage of a combination of both!)three heaped dessert spoons of uncooked cacao powder1.five teaspoon spirulina1 teaspoon baobab powder1 teaspoon maca powder1 teaspoon lucuma powder1 tbsp uncooked honey1 teaspoon organic or home made vanilla essence1 teaspoon cinnamon1 tablespoon coconut

the elements till easy, approximately 1-2 mins on high. If the aggregate seems to dry you could add greater 2-3 prunes or drizzle a chunk of coconut oil too. Roll the combination into bowls and roll into sesame seeds. save inside the refrigerator and have while you want a delectable, nutritional hit! percentage this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading…associatedThe remaining Superfood Bliss Balls
Chia, Cacao and extra! (Nut-free too!)okay, so, the ultimate name might also sound a touch dramatic. but those balls are so darn good, they flavor so wealthy, chocolaty, dreamy *drools*. Now, I recognize what you are thinking, Elle, I saw the word iron vegan protein, Spirulina within the identify, how

Cacao + Maca Nut-free ‘Nutbutter’ Cups (with Sunflower Seed Butter filling)!hi everybody, i’m hoping you all loved the current Easter smash. Easter is one in every of my favorite holidays of the year, we usually get day off uni PLUS the vacation includes ingesting chocolate – ding, ding winner! I made those uncooked Superfood Cacao + Maca Nut-free ‘Nutbutter’ Cups as gifts…April 26, 2014In “Snacks/other”Vegan super Seed electricity Balls – Nut FreeHi guys!
super Seed electricity Balls – Nut FreeHi guys! lately i’ve been loving recipes which are excellent short to whip up, specially with this mountain of uni analyzing that has decided to develop.. To assist preserve my mind centered and energy levels up, i love having this sort of excellent electricity balls,