Contour cutting-edge fixtures shop websitecurrently, I’m enrolled in internet design II at Maryville university, and our first undertaking this semester become to create a internet site for a fictional commercial enterprise of our preference. This included brainstorming and conceptualizing the business itself, and developing their identity and visual fashion. We even crammed out a layout quick and blanketed a chunk approximately their historical past to better recognize the targeted

recognize the targeted marketplace. typical, I concept these initial steps have been necessary with a view to better recognize our business and create a robust design.I named my employer Contour and predicted it as a modern-day and contemporary furnishings shop that targeted on developing fixtures for the city dwelling middle and top class. An critical thing I desired to stress turned into conservation of space via design with the aid of creating a completely clean
design with the aid of creating a completely clean and present day look and additionally by the usage of thin sans-serif typefaces like Raleway and Helvetica Neue. through the images I chose, I tried to bring functionality, cleanness, and compactness. a few matters I wanted to avoid were horrific connotations related to contemporary layout together with coldness, exclusion, and a lack of humanity. I desired my
internet site to be inviting but state-of-the-art, so I chose a heat color palette with brown, tan, yellow, and a rusty-purple. i used to be lucky to find a number of fantastic snap shots on flicr that had been huge sufficient to stretch throughout my entire web page and had some of the same color tones in them.
comp in Photoshop, and then get commenced on the layout.due to the fact i used to be on spring spoil and that i did now not have dreamweaver (and i had already used my 1-month free trial), my professor Jon Fahnstok suggested that i exploit a application known as Coda to layout my web page. This became new to me, I had by no means used this system earlier than. It took
this system earlier than. It took a bit getting used to, and my glide changed a bit. I felt like i was looking at the CSS page loads greater than I do in dreamweaver, which helped me understand greater about the manner. standard, it took a little more time to layout, and that i had to test a lot extra, which wasn’t a awful element. but ultimately, I got the hold
ultimately, I got the hold of it. i used to be able to lay out the fundamental shape and get the whole thing into the html that I wanted, however as soon as I again from spring break, i used to be glad to switch again to dreamweaver to do the jQuery part of my website. I created an picture slide show that showcased furnishings with a second slide
a second slide display that had approximately a 2 2nd postpone with descriptions that dwindled in, describing the distinctive pieces of furniture. I predicted the timing and overlap of the two slide shows to be greater hard and code heavy than they sincerely had been. With a touch gambling round with the timing and absolute positioning, i used to be able to get the slide

operating correctly.I suppose the most tough component of this task turned into the site. I wanted the contents in my header to be focused and inside my grid, but the image slide show was to make bigger to 1080 pixels, large than my 960 grid but stay centered. For a
grow modern furniture, and decrease the window and the slide show might usually be targeted in the display screen. Then Jon showed me that I needed to create a box for the contents to stay in and set the margins to vehicle, so I could without a doubt position
to work on is to apply less div tags, and to have my css patterns work for greater than simply one tag so I don’t need to create a new one for each additional piece of content material. I suppose this is straightforward to apprehend, but hard to perform due to
going to appear like, but handiest had a vague idea of what the supporting pages might be like. So after I decided I wanted to have a mild historical past on my assisting page due to the fact the pix looked better, I couldn’t use a lot of the css styles for my paragraphs and headers due to the
light history properly. some other aspect I struggled with changed into the layout of 3 columns I had on my domestic web page. there was some awkward area that were created subsequent to my small pics and a paragraph describing the enterprise. I tried many distinctive methods to clear up this, but ultimately, I removed the paragraph and replaced it with a massive tagline under the picture
picture “Contour- innovative design for urban layouts” which I felt defined the enterprise nicely sufficient, and combined with my photographs, regarded enough.general, i am happy with my website, and i experience like i was capable of efficaciously bring the organization ‘s vibe and attain my target market. I experience like I learned plenty, and i’m
able to proudly placed this website in my portfolio, and wish it’ll successfully display off my expertise of net layout.